Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh Look, a Title Page

A group of friends came up with an idea for a different approach to NaNoWriMo. Instead of cramming 50k words together within the period of a month, how about coming up with our own story for the same plot bunny and see what evolves.
Or in the words of my daughter, "send them around to the different homes and see how they treat the kid."
While some may encourage comment, others may not. So don’t be too surprised to see a short story sans comments.

Here are some of the results...

Feb 2011’s Bunny:
A little kid goes into mom and dad's room to wake them up (as kids are wont to do) and glances in a large mirror in the room as he's heading for the bed. Mom and dad are curled up blissfully asleep, but leaning over them is a demon. Whether the demon is about to "pounce" or if it's been hanging around just making life miserable, I don't know. And I can easily see that being the start, middle or end of a story.
Ruby's story

March 2011’s Bunny:
The boy sat beside the stream watching his fishing line drift to and fro, the bobber occasionally jerking as a fish tried to decide if the bait was worth taking. It was the first weekend of summer vacation and he was enjoying it to the hilt. The sun was getting hot but it was still shady and cool under the big willow tree where he sat. He had a sandwich, an apple and a soft drink in his school lunch bucket so he didn't have to go home all day. He didn't even care if he didn't catch anything. It was wonderful just being free from expectations for a while. Still, it would be great if he could take home a nice string of fish to show off.
Willows of all sizes lined both sides of the creek, in some places making an almost impenetrable thicket. From one such thicket a few yards behind the boy avid eyes watched him as intently as he watched the bobber in the water.
Ruby's story

April 2011’s Bunny:
So from Peanut’s awkward dream... a plot bunneh emerges...
(excerpt from her dream)
A car almost runs into me, but I jump over it and complain “What, you couldn’t hit me? Gosh.” And hoped they wouldn’t turn around to have another go at it. I heard them turn and knew they were coming for me. I turned a corner and the car was soon close to me. I realized I was dreaming and started to think “It’s not gonna hit me. Its not gonna hit me.” And when the car was finally only inches from me, I turned toward it to say “Don’t you do it” so the car turned away and left.

My idea is to use this dream lucidity as the plot bunneh. Controlling your dreams, the murkiness that emerges from reality and the dream world etc. The possibilities are endless.
Ruby's Story